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About Us

Mandalar Eye Clinic

Mandalay Eye Clinic is located in the heart of Mandalay, leading to eye surgery in Upper Myanmar and offering eyeglasses to various kinds. Ophthalmologists who operate in a large clinic are national and internationally renowned eye surgeons who provide the best diagnostic surgery for both adult and pediatric patients. At the Mandalay Eye Clinic, there are the latest machines from the US and Japan. IOL (Intra Oculat Lens) is now using new eye lenses and treatments. It is one of the most well-known clinics in the whole of Myanmar, thanks to the eye-pleasing treatment of the eye and the best results in clinical outcomes.

As soon as you arrive at the clinic, you will be greeted by a friendly and friendly staff. Eye exam with smile; Buying glasses; Completely caring and caring until the tasks are completed, such as eye surgery. You will enjoy the services provided. As our eye clinic is located in the grounds of Mandalay Specialist Hospital, we have been able to diagnose and diagnose and treat specialists as well as other eye diseases. Treatment; You can get advice and get comfortable in one place at a time.

The Mandalay Eye Clinic is the leading center for diabetes and diabetes-related eye diseases. Eye diseases; Vitreo-Retinal Center is the first private pediatric eye clinic in Myanmar, which offers a full range of treatments and surgeries that are used by surgeons and surgeons who specialize in ophthalmic diseases.

The Japanese ophthalmologist is led by Professor Tadashi Hattori, a Japanese ophthalmologist, who is actively supporting the development of eye surgery in Upper Myanmar. Professor Tadashi Hattori has been awarded the Gold Medal for the successful operation of more than 20,000 eye-blind patients in Japan and Vietnam.
Therefore, you would like to register with Mandalay Eye Clinic and you would like your family, family, and children to be screened. Let us be responsible for helping the two precious eyes of young children to become clearer and clearer.

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